Are We Confusing Our Greens?

Or perhaps fighting for one human right brings out the ‘keeper of the truth’ element that optimists insist we all possess, however deeply it might be hidden? The Guardian article below poses  that those protesting environmental disaster in Iran are ‘Greens’, but do they mean green as in environmental or green as in election protestors carrying on the fight as it spills out into every arena of public and private life now in Iran?

Certainly the women’s movement in Italy dissipated into the green movement (amongst others) once the right to vote was won. Perhaps the green election protest will or has already mutated into an ecologically savvy force? We must hope so.

Every country seems to mismanage it’s relationship with nature, but this is a structural fail. When are we going to evolve as a race and put our delicate environment before greed, by doing this we will be ensuring our own survival. This is not just in the name of an abstract love of nature, it is a very practical and life threatening issue that I’ve always felt must supercede every other. Lake Orumieh, the world’s third largest salt water basin, is drying up. Located in northwestern Iran, bordering Azerbaijan the water is evaporating and so are its tributary rivers, 60% of the 5 thousand sq. km surface area has gone. Experts say it could disappear completely in a few years, forcing more than 14 million people to flee. Turkey and Azerbaijan call on Tehran to seriously slow down the damage to the area as they fear an invasion.

The Azerbaijanis are accusing the government of causing the harm by blocking tributary rivers with hydroelectric dams and forcing farmers to irrigate their fields by exploiting the groundwater, the main power source of the lake. In addition, in 2008 a major motorway was built across the span of lake shore to shore, bringing pollution. Recently cities and villages around the lake were host to violent anti-government protests for example in Tabriz thousands demonstrated against the government’s decision to terminate any improvement of the lake. Yet in the article below, Press TV is quoted as having attributed the damage to: “less rainfall”.

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