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BFI’s Jafar Panahi and Mohamad Rasoulof Season

Isabella Rossellini, Berlin Film Festival opening night gala, reading aloud director Panahi’s letter written from prison in Tehran

Monday’s show at 13.30 we interview the BFI at length about their current Iranian director’s film season, of which they’ve said:

“Campaigning for Panahi and Rasoulof’s human and creative rights remains urgent, not only to ensure their personal freedom is reinstated, but to secure the future of filmmaking in Iran.”

Screenings continue until the end of August and films include: The White Balloon, Gesher, Goodbye, This is Not a Film and The White Meadows.

Rasoulof made the film Head Wind, about how people in Iran use the internet and pirate satellite dishes to by-pass Government censorship. Both he and Panahi have been arrested for their film making activities and Panahi is under a 20 year ban from film making.

Six Pillars to Persia repeats the following Sunday at 20.30 GMT