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Six Pillars’ monthly column in OCPC Magazine

Thanks to the internet we may grow an Orange County listenership, as OCPC magazine will take a monthly write up of the show’s goings on, linking back to the Resonancefm website for podcasts and schedules. We”ll be in December.

Meanwhile I think I received my first ever Iranian SPAM, all I can understand is that there is a website, with a man on it, and the poster, “Sanaz” seems qite excited.

I wont be following that link! The comedian pictured above, Maz Jobrani, incidentally tells a rather unnerving story in one of his comedy sketches: he emailed as a joke to friend a rather dubious line about being a terrorist and so on, to find that his email was blocked for a couple of weeks. Terrible! Terrible joke, terrible state of affairs, terrible invasion of privacy but also probably and equally terribly necessary. Maz is due on the show soon, along with an excerpt from his cutting edge “Axis of Evil” tour.


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