Minou Norouzi reccomends “Japon” from Mexico

Some truths about Austria from film maker Minou Norouzi. With psychoanalytical elements to her films amongst her themes are misplaced femininity and incubated desire, within the context of a budding male sexual revolution that she sees happening.

Some of her short films are viewable on her site, of which there is much to think about. Some contain little action and little text and have the main character frozen in a moving landscape. What does she keep from us, what does the film refuse to give, and by so doing, lay bare about our expectations?

A unique woman, she says she is neither Iranian nor Austrian, and so we nudge her on her way back to her grandfather’s point of origin; to the town where people are either mad, or genius.

Read more about the film Minou reccommends: Japon


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