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Patrick Monahan and Tangiers to Tehran Women’s Cinema

Fari Bradley talks to Irish-Iranian-Jordie comedian Patrick Monahan live in the studio. Good for a giggle, the very spontaneously funny Patrick also muses on comedy as an art form and what it was in his upbringing that made him a comedian. It is a very strange mix Irish Iranian, one that we can relate to (hence Bradley!) Patrick proves that some comedians are full of repeated anecdotes, and others are just naturally funny.

This week’s show also features short interviews from the Tangiers to Tehran festival, celebrating women in cinema from the Middle East and Northern Africa. An amazing array of films were pulled together for the event, held at several venues across London. This unusual festival took palce mostly due to the hard work of Suzy Gillet from the French Institute and James Neil from Parallax Media. We interview them both, with a comment from Dr Kay Dickinson, one of the key speakers at the film symposium.


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