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Googoosh Special – Iran’s Daughter

A look at Googoosh, via Farhad Zamani’s ever-so-slightly unsettling documentary ‘The Daughter of Iran’. For those who’ve never heard of her, Googoosh grew up on screen in front of a nation, lost for many years to those who loved her after being banned from performing or speaking in public. Here we speak with the documentary maker who made so far the only film about her life. Farhad Zamani managed to do this while Googoosh was yet still in Iran and yet still banned from singing or appearing in public. The film was released at the very moment the government were thinking of letting her leave in 2000, a landmark date in her career. Zamani’s intensely psychological film contains rare footage and interviews with those living and working around Googoosh, building up an in-depth picture of someone who though alive, appears not once in a film entirely dedicated to their life and work. At the same time Zamani uses experimental editing techniques to relay the tension and underline certain issues, all the while doing as Googoosh had done for many years: speaking through creative artifice, of that which cannot be spoken.

Six Pillars to Persia is an English Language program celebrating Iranian outsider arts and modern Persian heritage. Mondays 1.30pm GMT, Sundays 8.30pm GMT

This program was broadcast on March 3rd 2008 from the Audio Visual 08 Festival at MOMA, Museum Of Modern Art Middlesborough.



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