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Shenda Amery, Tehran Has No More Pomegranates and Today’s Bidoun Giveaway…

Untitled ImageToday’s interview is with sculptress Shenda Amery, currently showing her work RAGE at the Xerxes gallery London.

It will broadcast today at 13.30 GMT and you can hear via the ResonanceFM Facebook player if you like. It is repeated Sunday at 20.30 GMT

Soon we’ll broadcast our long chat with film maker Masoud Bhakshi on his 7 year long oeuvre “Tehran Has No more Pomegranates”.

Also we have a few copies of Bidoun to GIVE AWAY! If you’d like a copy of the the Pulp back issue, let us know, by answering this question: Name a topic that Shenda Amery treats with her series Rage.

Ten correct answers will be posted their copy of Bidoun, so be sure to leave your contact details.


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