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Win Ebi Tickets for the Royal Albert Hall, April 20th

A pair of tickets to see Ebi Hamedi, Iran’s foremost pop singer, are up for grabs!

Ebi, who cannot perform in Iran for fear of being held, will be hosting a night of powerful song at the luscious venue: The Royal Albert Hall, from 7.30pm on Tuesday 20th April

Listen to the show once over the next two weeks to find out how to win. You only need listen once, we will be drawing the winning name out of a hat on Monday 12th April, a show that will repeat on Sunday 18th April.

Ebi was born in Tehran in 1949 and was in the bands the ‘Sun Boys’ and the ‘Black Cats’. In the early 1970’s Ebi began a solo career. He shot to fame in the mid 1970’s with several number one hits.

Hear Ebi’s deep smooth voice:

Ebi will go on to perform huge venues in Frankfurt, then Kuala Lumpur and then in Iraqi Kurdistan. Ebi has not been so close to Iran since the revolution.

“I would love to go to Iran, it’s my country.

“If I go there, I’m sure they will not let me go out. I don’t know the rest of it, but probably they will put me in jail.

“But to go to Iran is one of my wishes. And some day God will give me that.”

Ebi is donating the profits from this concert to registered charity: The Multiple Sclerosis Society


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