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Ebi Once and Over…..Six Pillars Broadcast April 19th 2010

Ebi last night at the Royal Albert Halla character full of fire and the voice still rich, deep and magnificent

Monday’s show was a musical tribute to Ebi before his impending performance at the Royal Albert Hall (pictured left), with an interview with Shahed Elahi Gomshaei (son of the famous philosopher loved by the young, the old and even the clerics) and an interview with Della from Gulan a Kurdish cultural organisation who are putting on a small Kurdish Festival at London venue: St Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. But don’t be put off by the name, it’s not the UN.  St E’s for R&P looks like a modern church from the front, wedged as it is between to other buildings like the Harry Potter Bus in transit, and backed by a permanent YURT, where many meditations and workshops the place every week.

Shahed Gomshei is publishing a book this month about Mulla Nasreedeen, the Shakespeare’s fool of Iran, more soon.

We also played a James Brown cover by The Black Cats, Ebi’s first band and the super funky track Kandu, by Ebi, see below.

Iran is the last place you might expect to her a James Brown cover or funk music, but Ebi started out in an Iran that few of us would recognise: a vibrant cultural centre open to the ideas of the world, and itself the source of many amazing arts and ideas for the world to enjoy and benefit from.

Records from this period are super hard to get hold of and the artists themselves are scattered like dandelion seeds on the wind. For example, the Black Cats went to America.


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