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Mansour Izadpanah

It’s not often male singers choose to croon gently any more, but Mansour Izadpanah has got the style down to a ‘t’. With his Iranian background and Kurdish roots, he can call on a long tradition of vocal influence and technique. The technique – tahrir – is reminiscent of yodeling, yet a lot gentler.

Mansour also calls on the literary tradition of his birthplace in Kurdish Iran, by setting poets such as Kurdish poets; Goran, Sherko Bekas, Abdulla Pashew, Xabat Aref, Farhad Shakali, Rahim Loqmani (Nekaroz), Tishka Mohammed pour and Galawezh Hama Qadir to music.

Performance brings up a lot of practical questions in the Middle East, aside from the obvious around censorship and protest, there is also the question of copyright, which although it doesn’t exist in Iran, is something Mansour is working on promoting here in the UK with a view to eventually helping artists in Middle Eastern countries without copyright, make a living from their work.


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