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The First Annual UK Iranian Film Festival


The UK Iranian Film Festival (UKIFF) is the 1st Iranian Film Festival to take place in the UK. Film festivals that honour Iranian films are held annually across the globe and now the time has finally arrived for an Iranian Film festival to have a permanent home in the United Kingdom. The festival includes special events, which will take place in various cities every year.

UK Iranian Film Festival (UKIFF) is a non-political, film-focused organization that aims to provide a stimulating and inspiring alternative to the film experience, alongside praising and promoting the art of filmmaking.

The founder and directors of UKIFF, together with the dedication and the hard work of industry professionals and support staff, have worked to make this project become the most prestigious celebration of Iranian cinema in the UK.

UKIFF is to be held in collaboration with several international partners, and aims to stimulate the cultural diversity in the UK.

Our mission is to serve as a platform for the promotion of the inclusion of Iranian elements, with the ultimate display being ‘London Iranian Film Festival 2010’. The UK Iranian Film Festival is the first one of its kind to take place in the UK!

The Festival

The UK Iranian Film Festival has created many opportunities for emerging and established filmmakers to exhibit their work, representing the heritage of Iran. In addition, it will introduce Iranian cinema to new audiences, fulfilling both an entertainment and educational function.

The Festival aims to produce the best Iranian film programme in UK, attracting as many people as possible to view Iranian cinema. Regardless of who you are, where you come from and what you do, this is a cultural event where you can enjoy and exchange opinions.

On November 19th, 2010 UKIFF will have its opening night at a prestigious London venue, which will be attended by a wide array of industry members. Live entertainment includes traditional music, which will precede film screenings and introduce new people to Iranian culture.

For the remainder of the festival, there will be activities to complement the screenings throughout London and Manchester. These activities will include Q&A sessions, seminars, exhibitions, as well as the latest movie products from Iran.

The UK Iranian Film Festival will provide a base to utilize, enjoy, learn and discover!

Image Contest

The UK Iranian Film Festival is proud to announce that in addition to film submissions, it is also calling for entries for our Image contest. This exciting new event is an important element of the Festival, which will give anyone, regardless of ability, the chance to take part and express their vision to all.

UKIFF believes this is a fantastic opportunity for artists, both amateurs and professionals, to incorporate either Iranian Heritage or Cinema into their artwork.

Please note, that submission to the Festval is FREE.

Submissions Open: 06/08/2010
Deadline: 15/09/2010 17.00GMT

We want you to share your passion with our audiences. The UKIFF Image Contest offers you the opportunity to do this using the following mediums.

* Photography – A photographic image, either from film or digital cameras, which generally represents the subject without adding or subtracting elements.

* Illustration – An image, that is either drawn, painted or photographed, which has been substantially adjusted and manipulated, that is generally non representational of a real person, place or event.

In order to submit a photograph or illustration to the Festival, follow the procedure below:

1) Register on our Website
2) Fill in the online application form

Once your application has been received, you will be sent a confirmation email.

Each applicant may send a maximum of three image per category, which may be landscape or portrait.

All entries submitted will be viewed by two professionals, who are universally recognized.

4 images will be selected; 2 winners and 2 runners up, for both categories.The winning images will receive a certificate in recognition of their work and also have their images included in the print material for next year’s film festival.

A selection of all entries will be exhibited during the Festival. Successful applicants will get their work showcased in a prestigious London gallery, where the exhibition opens to the public for 3 days.

1st London Iranian Film Festival

UKIFF is delighted to announce the inaugural 1st London Iranian Film Festival, commencing on November 19, 2010.

Film festivals that honour Iranian films are held annually across the globe and now the time has finally arrived for an Iranian Film festival to have a permanent home in the United Kingdom. With a diverse programme celebrating the best of contemporary Iranian films, the festival will showcase some of the finest talents of this rich cinematic culture.

Whilst acclaimed Iranian Directors may well be familiar to UK audiences, a new generation of emerging voices remain largely unknown. The intention of the London Iranian Film Festival is to introduce this undiscovered new talent to London’s film enthusiast’s, as well as celebrating the work of legendary Iranian filmmakers.

The London Iranian Film Festival is currently seeking submissions with consistent Iranian elements within the following categories:

Feature Film (more than 60 minutes)
Documentary (no longer than 3 hours)
Short Film (no longer than 30 minutes)

Submissions open on 06/08/2010.
Final deadline on 17/09/2010.

The chosen films will be screened at two of London’s most prestigious cinema venues in a weeklong event that will include Q and A’s. The Festival offers a number of travel and accommodation allowances to participating filmmakers.

The 1st London Iranian Film Festival promises to be a landmark event in promoting Iranian film culture within the UK.

Latest update – deadlines are soon!
the festival have received 163 submissions
the selection Committee (who will soon be announced on the website) have started watching the submissions already


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