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UK Iranian Film Festival

Finally the films have been announced for this year’s inaugural UK Iranian Film Festival. I just popped into the press event which was slickly organised, complete with Persian samovar (just getting heated up when I left).

Note to screeners: heads of the panel and backs of tall chairs in front of subtitles is not a good idea during trailers. It was a strain to read them and guess the missing words “We must […] that he is her brother”, could be anything, insert missing word (Frank Key would say “We must Curmoudgeon/bleeplinkupmous? that he is her brother”?) This aside, the trailers proved promising and a not uneloquent intro from cinematographer Zoran Veljkovic made it all particularly interesting.

The festival director announced plans to teach kids (presumably from any background) aged 8-12 years how to make films “Iranian-style”. I wanted to ask what that was, according to him…but had to go (sonics festival tonight). So I have to conclude that “Iranian style” is characteristically “ending with shots of the sea” as described by Patrick Tucker (- he also said the story-lines didn’t hold up in all the films he’d seen in selection). “Iranian-style” might also be “having an element of spirituality that is decidedly missing in western film” as pointed out by Zoran Veljkovic and being a school that “compared itself to the greats” as pointed out by Hossein Khosrojerdi who was speaking via a girl with far-too-soft-a-voice (he was not attempting ventriloquism, she was translating). All in all, it’s a fair effort, and much needed. So do go see some of the films below.

Some have been screened before here in London, but here’s a chance to see the ones that people came away talking about:

The Apollo Cinema, Piccadilly Circus
Fri 19th Nov
LIFF opening night gala: The White Meadows (132 mins)

Sat 20th Nov
Shorts: Solitude, Doomsday Machine, And Life Went On,
Shorts: Cyanosis, The Day of Creation, Delusive Sound
Penniless (106 mins)
About Elly (116mins)

Sun 21st Nov
Shorts: Melody of Birth, A Good Time for Tragedy,
Shorts: Meteor Shower, Presence, Minus
Shorts: Beneath the Eyelid, Window, My Tree, Tongue of the Hidden
21.00 Before the Burial (104mins)

Mon 22nd Nov
Shorts: The Accordion, Rough Cut, My City Pizza
Pearls on the Ocean Floor (77mins)

Wed 24th Cine Lumiere, Sth Ken
The Ball and Alley (4mins)
Tinar (72 mins)
Tehran Gallery (15 mins)
The Glass House (92mins)

Thurs 25th Nov, Shortwave, Bermondsey Square, near Tower Bridge
Shorts: Birthday, The Old Man and the Rail, Bluetooth
Shorts: Old Men Don’t Die, Between Two Dreams, Please Stay Away from the Red Line
Shorts: Khoda, Minus, The Pot

The programme’s not up yet, but read more about the films here:


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