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Golnaz Fathi Today, and Tickets for ‘Sufi’s Night’

Our second interview with artist Golnaz Fathi, currently exhibiting at the October Gallery, London.

Since her last UK show, the classically trained calligraphist has taken her experiments to new heights.

Listen tomorrow at 13.30 to find out what events are on during the rest of the show and how she was inspired while creating these new works.

Also win a pair of tickets to see a Persian experimental dance night at Cadogan Hall, Sloane Square on January 22nd 2011.

Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam’s stunning and boundary-pushing choreography coupled with Madjid Khaladj’s musical arrangements sound promising. Look out for the podcast with two of the musicians this week. If you are into dances like tango or flamenco and have any interest in Iran, this performance will be for you.


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