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Discussing ‘The Colonel’ by Dowlatabadi – 5 Free Tickets

Key journalists and experts on Iran gather in London on 6th September to discuss the difficulties and importance of publishing authors like Mahmoud Dowlatabadi and the role of literature at moments of revolution.

This brooding, dark story, like many others, is still banned from publication in Iran, although it has been translated into English, French and German. Dowlatabadi, with a distinguished career that spans the 80s to the present is self taught and began life working on a farm, he remains one of the most famous realist writers in Iran today.

One of those intriguing novels that cover the action of only one day while giving the reader an insight into more than one lifetime, looks at modern Iran and the personal toll politics and history have taken on one man. Surreal and Kafkaesque, the structure of the novel is reminiscent of Hedayat’s The Blind Owl and the controversial nature of its critical look at several points in Iranian history:

“The Islamic Revolution, like every other revolution in history, is devouring its own children. And whose fault is that? This shocking diatribe against the failures of the Iranian left over the last fifty years does not leave one taboo unbroken.”

“A page-turning panorama of Iranian mental anguish, producing visions and nightmares like dark exotic blossoms.” – A. Schader, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

We have five tickets to give away to this event at the Free Word Centre in Farringdon, which otherwise cost £5.  To win one or two tickets, simply write in and mention any other banned book written by Dowlatabadi – sixpillarstopersia (at) stating whether you would like one or two tickets.

Hear our interview with Haus PUblishing about the book’s translation into English HERE.


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