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The Web of Breath – Shirazeh Houshiary

'Between' 2010 /2011 white pencil, red and white pigment on canvas and aluminium panel

Monday 24th October 13.30 we broadcast a personal tour of the Lisson Gallery with eminent artist Shirazeh Houshiary on the eve of her remarkable solo show.

In this interview, she discusses the depth of meaning in her work, the applied  methods she uses in the studio painting and the animations and sculptures that feature in this causal exhibition. Her work Sigh is, according to sound artist and writer David Toop, comparable to Piero della Francesco’s Madonna del Parto and the work of fluxus composer Mieko Shiomi from around 1963.

There is certainly something of the binary in her work, as she creates a web of light and breath from the continual repetition of two words in affirmation and denial, over and over again. But this web is punctured from time to time by what appears behind it and seeps through at points: an impermeable black backdrop. If the web is breath, the blackdrop is silence.

As with any work, this can be read on many levels and interpreted in other ways. But hear from the artist herself some of the signage in this long journey through these repetitive, insistent and subtle works, is truly a privilege.

This show is repeated the following Sunday at 20.30 hours GMT









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