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Win Tickets to Pardis Orchestra + Navaz

Neda with Navaz

In this week’s show we interview singer Neda Jalali, front woman for the Iranian-blues band Navaz from Canada and give away two tickets to see Hamid Motebassem’s Iranian-Western fusion orchestra: Pardis.

Together with Neda we sample songs from her latest album Onsu – The Other Side, discuss the forthcoming one and Neda’s very early introduction to the oration of poetry by her father, who used to bribe his children to learn classical Persian poems by heart. The music of Navaz can be characterised by a soothing, refined quality both deep and enlivening both at once. Most of the songs are poems by Persian greats set to music, but one very particular song was written by Neda to expose certain taboos in Iran.

Pardis is a musical oeuvre for Iranian and Western instruments. Hamid Motebassem, the world-renowned composer, has released over twenty records and worked with many great musicians and singers of note. This time by creating a piece for a larger group of Iranian and western instruments he is taking his writing futher and with the vocals of Salar Aghili it promises to be an noteworthy performance.

Salar Aghili performed “Endless Ocean” by Saeed Farajpouri, and “In the Name of the Red Rose” by Hamid Motebassem with the Dastan Ensemble.
On February 4, 2012, Pardis will have its first international stage performance with Salar Aghili’s vocals, conducted by Hamid Motebassem at London’s Cadogan Hall.

  • Cadogan Hall London
  • Saturday, 4 February 2012
  • Time: 20:00 – 22:00

Tickets range from £20-£60 but to win two complimentary tickets simply email in: what is the meaning  of Onsu, Navaz’s last album: all answers to sixpillarstopersia at resonancefm dot com


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