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Share Conference – Belgrade, Serba

In this week’s show we tap into the amazing array of people at Share Conference, Belgrade for a short journey of discovery.

We discuss Iran’s move towards a closed, national internet which they can then fully censor, with leader in the global culture movement: Elizabeth Stark. Elizabeth gave a talk at Share and has previously worked with the Harvard Advocates for Human Rights to make better use of new media to promote human rights, is the internet a human right, to learn virtually? Or is it a universal distraction and potentially dangerous portal, especially for children and young people. She also spent years researching for the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, and has taught courses ranging from Cyberlaw to Intellectual Property to Technology & Politics to Electronic Music.

We also discuss arts, Lebanon and the interesting Lebanese community in Australia with Kamal Ackerie, Associate Director of the amazing arts and music production agency Forma Arts, UK.