Today’s Show – Iranian Youth Development Association




If you speak Farsi and live in South East London, you are one of many. However there are no services, groups or meetups almost, aside from the Woolwich-based Iranian Youth Development Association, an activity group nestled inside an unlikely estate, steadily threading together histories over generations.

Established since 1989 they continue to be the sole community group to provide support for the Iranian and extended Farsi community in this part of London, unlinked by any tube lines as it is (the closest is North Greenwich, Jubilee line, a gateway to the South East). With language classes (both for Farsi and for English), sports, family and cultural events the Association is vital lifeline for many families otherwise isolated from others with the same cultural needs.

We talk to a child, a youth who once attended as a child and now works as one of IYDAs many volunteers and the general manager about their activities and the importance of such services.

Today we’re also sampling some music from Iran from Gachpaj (band) to Atash (folk singer song writer) to  70s Iranian psyche, which comes mainly as a precursor to next week when we offer up a special for Kouroush Yaghmaie’s recent release, Back From the Brink.