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White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

A play by Nassim Soleimanpour – playwright and director born in Tehran, Iran. Soleimnapour’s production is an experiment with roots in improv theatre: a new actor each night, reads the script and renders each delivery in itself, unique. As part of the LIFT 2012 festival, the play runs for a few select dates in Notting Hill’s Gate Theatre in June and July.

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit looks at issues of obedience and manipulation, and requires a different actor for every performance.  The actor delivers the piece cold, in front of a live audience. The play requires them to know next to nothing about it.

The actor is handed a sealed envelope in front of the audience, inside which will be the script. There has been no rehearsal, no direction and in fact there is no set just an actor and an audience without costume and without other characters on whom to rely. Reading cold is never easy, the play stretches the actor to his limit in front of an audience who knew more about the play than its actor before the start.

Imagine being 29 and unable to leave your country. ‘White Rabbit, Red Rabbit’ dissects the experience of a whole generation in a wild, utterly original play. Soleimanpour turns his isolation to his advantage with a play that requires no director, no set, and a different actor for each performance. Volcano Theatre & Necessary Angel co-produced the world premiere of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit in 2011, shown simultaneously at SummerWorks and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It is now playing around the world.