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Fat Beats from Iran

Pooya Payvar aka Stonail, is using Ableton here in this dark, alluring beat from Tehran. For those new to this, it’s a program many music producers have used since at least 2000. Personally I find the temptation to turn music into clear blocks of beats and audio – and render the music mechanical – too much with Ableton in dance music production, but still use it for abstract works. The cost of the software can be prohibitive, but the latest versions offer some fantastic features and some people know how to get hold of it without paying…how would any regular person in a country under sanctions be able to afford Ableton? No wonder Ubuntu started up in Africa. So good on Pooya. Six Pillars have been following his work as Stonail (started 1998) for a while – this is an out-of-character sound for him and one we think is an exciting signpost for the future of music from Iran!