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Ali Shams – Khodai-Nama Theatrical

Opening in Rome this week and later Florence, is a play written and directed by Ali Shams. Translated into Italian the play  draws both on Iranian theatrical tradition and Italy’s rich heritage of street theatre. The name of the play is taken from an ancient manuscript burnt by the Arabs during their invasion into Persia, and is the collection of tales on which Ferdowsi is said to have based his later iconic work The Book of Kings – The Shahnameh. Khutai Namak, based on information gathered from Zoroastrian clergymen and the accounts in the Avesta, (the Zoarastrian texts) is full of heroic tales predating the Arab invasions, and focuses on the story of Rostam and Esfandiar. The play seeks to find common ground in Italian and Iranian treatment of myth, a concept based on historical cultural exchanges between the Roman and Persian Empires.  To buy tickets and find out about performance times click the poster. The performance is followed by a public debate and you can watch a short video about it here