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Miniature Violence! Classical Art, Modern Scenes

Ottoman miniatures often depict bloody violence: animal hunting, execution and invasion are just a few of the typical scenes that make up the rich body of original work in classical miniature style given us by the Ottoman Empire. Yet for current times, Istanbul-based Murat Palta recreates iconic scenes from modern cinema, wryly setting them in the era of horse and carriage, honour, and romance. Formalising the manifold cross-cultural juxtapositions of modern media on minds steeped in classical thought, coupled with the possibilities of digital arts today. Clever Palta does more than just make us smile: the tales of yesteryear and today – are they that different? And if so, what have we lost, what have we gained?


Alien Detail – Gnya!

Star Wars

The Shining

The Shining – Details


Kill Bill (my favourite)

A Clockwork Orange

Can you guess this one?