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TEDx Iran….Finally!

This is fantastically exciting news.

Not only will January 2013 see Iran’s very first TEDx conference, but this historic, wisdom-spreading organisation have subtitled many of their films in Persian, making the content accessible in what many see as currently one of the most isolated countries in the world.

Iran will be proving them wrong though, by hosting this world-renowned phenomenon. TEDx is a completely humanitarian event and began as a yearly conference begun in 1990. TEDx’s ethos is based on the dissemination of knowledge (their strapline is “Ideas worth spreading“) and the promotion of insight, based mainly on human experience. Great thinkers, change makers and icons gather to share their personal stories with a listening audience.

This independently organised conference will put Iran on a progressive footing in terms of thinking, debate and discussion.

Sharing is just so in this century. Great news!