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“Inspiring Refugee” Story Reported Around Paralympics

Amir Laksari, an active member of London’s disabled community, appeared in London’s Evening Standard yesterday. Laksari suffered from polio aged two years, and as an adult in 1987 he co-founded the sports group Hackney Sparrows.

Hackney Sparrows has gone on to produce various British sporting talents over the years and made a Paralympic torchbearer out of Laksari, since his hometown London hosts the worldwide games this month.  Laksari was nominated to be a torch-bearer by his community, who described him as ‘inspiring‘ after 22 years of voluntarily providing sports opportunities for disabled people in his borough. Aged 21 Laksari arrived in UK from Iran as a refugee and trained day and night to earn two degrees and is now a maths and computing teacher. Check out the Hackney Sparrows sports CV!

  • 1987 Club founded
  • 1988 Joined GB Wheelchair Basketball League
  • 1989 Won third division
  • 1991 Won second division
  • 1992/5 Winner at the National Games for Disabled People
  • 1992-99 Winner of league junior championships
  • 1993-4 Set up second & third Hackney Sparrows teams
  • 1995 Winner of integrated development league
  • 1996 Four teams in four divisions (highest possible)
  • 1997-2006 Second & third teams win league
  • 1998 Winner of British National Cup
  • 2006 Back to one team due to financial difficulties
  • 2009 Organised first-time players tournament
  • 2009 Establishing new Juniors and Development team
  • 2012 Taking part in the 2012 Paralympic Games