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Six Pillars- Iran Breaks Paralympic Record

Zhara Nemati won Gold in Archery, Women W1/W2 a class for which she broke records

22 year old Mohammad Khalvandi of Iran threw the javelin 50.98m in a throw that breaks the Paralympic record for javelin in the F57/F58 (see below) competition. This placed him first ahead of Claudiney Batista dos Santos of Brazil and Raed Salem of Egypt who are second and third respectively.

Meanwhile Siamand Rahman of Iran twice set Paralympic records as he claimed the gold medal in the men’s +100kg weight class on Wednesday and athlete Kamran Shokri won the silver medal in the men’s javelin F42 competition at the London Paralympics on Friday. Iran now has 23 medals in the Paralympics and is currently the highest ranking Middle Eastern country so far (see the Paralympic medal table) putting Iran at 13th place, with Tunisia in 14th and Republic of Korea in 12th (as of 8th September).

Iran sent over 7 female Paralympians, and 72 male ones to compete in 13 sports. So far they have 10 golds, and have come first in discus, javelin, sitting team volleyball, archery, shooting, powerlifting (of course), men’s track race 1500m, T20 and shot put.

Classification F57/58

  • Normal upper limb and trunk function, may have bilateral above knee amputations, a bilateral below knee or single above knee amputation.