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Today’s Show – Artist Mitra Tabrizian

Another Country

An interview with the longstanding British-Iranian artist Mitra Tabrizian on the eve of her new solo show at Wapping Project Space, London: Another Country.

Tabrizian, who is also a prolific writer on topics such as the mechanics of looking, ways of seeing and representation, explores in this series issues such as post-colonial theory, corporate culture in the West and modern Iranian society.

Blurring the boundary between fact and fiction and using her experience of making documentary film, Tabrizian’s character mostly drops the viewer in on certain meticulously choreographs scenarios, forcing us to consider how we view things and how as a culture we interpret visual signs. Another Country is a series of large scale photographs that together study of the hybrid identities of the Muslim communities from the Middle East, living within the UK.

‘Where is here?’ “In this context, which challenges the polarity of identifications, the title ‘Another Country’ no longer refers to some other country out there, but to a culture within, or more accurately to the past” says the artist.

‘Untitled’ (2009, pictured above) is a monumental photograph capturing a group of young Iranian students. Gathered in a desert landscape, the figures occupy an uncomfortable middle distance in the picture; too far from the objective to be identifiable portraits, yet too close to be background figures.

The exhibition continues 21st Sept – 2nd Nov 2012.