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Ancient Sufi Music

Music of Yarsan, the ancient Sufi order, reflects a millennia-old music tradition from this most reclusive Kurdish culture.

Sacred Yarsan music was rarely performed to non-Yarsan audiences until as recently as last decade, in order to protect its purity. The  music breaking out of its borders is primarily due to the efforts of Maestro Ali Akbar Moradi, justifiably declared as ‘one of the top 50 world musicians’ and ‘the best tanbour player alive ‘by Songlines.

Maestro Moradi together with his two sons Arash and Kourosh Moradi and the talented kamancheh player, Mehdi Bagheri, perform both sacred songs of tanbour as well as new and ancient Kurdish and Iranian compositions.

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Southbank Centre, London, 4 November 2012, 7:45pm