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UK Release Today: A Real CIA Spy Story Behind Argo

An entirely fictional science fantasy adventure, which this original poster bills as a “cosmic conflagration” was an invention by the CIA to trick the Iranians back in 1979 during the Iran hostage crisis. Ben Affleck produced and starred in this adventure which recounts how six U.S. Embassy staff were escorted safely out of a tumultuous Iran under the pretense that they had been working on this film in just 72 hours. You can read one of the CIA spy’s account of what happened here: A Classic Case of Deception – CIA Goes to Hollywood by Antonio Mendez.

Argo, co-produced by George Clooney and starring John Goodman, is full of 70s fashion and design, and the plot, as far as it is based on fact, is not bereft of tense moments in a story that involves many hitches, including mistakes on fake visas. So far Affleck’s movie has garnered good responses from critics (some even saying that it has saved his faltering career) and is now showing in theatres across the UK.