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Record, Reframe, Resist

V & A Museum in tandem with their current contemporary photography show Light from the Middle East are hosting a rather interesting free Late evening event.  The Victoria and Albert, for those who don’t know is named after Queen Victoria (b.1819) and her German husband and for several reasons, the title of this new show is keeping with the history of the museum’s namesake.

the Friday Late: Record, Reframe, Resist promises to take you into “a world of subversion and rebellion” comprising of new art commissions, satirical film and live music. This is noteworthy as Queen Victoria herself is often called the first royal rebel. As a child her governess Louise Lehzen noted that Victoria could be: ‘naughty and vulgar‘ and (each word is underlined four times) ‘VERY VERY VERY VERY HORRIBLY NAUGHTY!!!!!‘ She was a keen journalist (in the original sense of the word) and at age 13 made her lead female characters heroines of her tales, also painting them as such. There are also stories of Victoria’s alleged illegitimacy, of her passionate side and high libido (not permitted in women then, only in men) and the alleged relationship and even secret marriage with her servant John Brown after her Albert’s death.

In 1836 it is recorded that, Victoria was enamoured of three Persian princes seeking asylum in England. She noted in her journal with great pleasure, a moment of flattery she received from these ‘exotic’ visitors:

Asked by Sir Gore [their translator] what struck them most, or what had made the most impression on them in England. [The Princes’] reply was Windsor Castle, and me.’

Friday 30 November 18.30–22.00


Portrait of a Young Man, Probably an Arab
Site-specific interactive performance by Paper Tiger

Moroccan Mix
Moroccan sounds curated by Younes Baba Ali + Anna Raimondo for Saout Radio.

Meditations on Inertia, and Other Low Key Qualities, by PWR&$$$ (Power and Wealth)
10 audio tracks, 27 minutes, on loop
Live recording and samples by Daniel Garcia and Jesse Gelaznik.

Simo Lagnawi
Live music Gnawa performance by Simo Lagnawi.

Contemporary Dance duet inspired by other people’s secrets, performed by Ijad Dance Company.


The Watchtower of Happiness
Interactive installation by the collective, Febrik (supported by The Mosaic Rooms).

The End of Conflicts in the Middle East – Installation of deconstructed matter
A playful installation devised by artist Yara El-Sherbini.

The Aural Contract Audio Archive
Activate Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s sound archive.


ID Performance
Join artist Bisan Abu-Eisheh in an ID-Making interactive public performance.

Making Ties with Aya Haidar
Aya Haidar reworks fabric samplers using handmade craft.

Short Stories from the Arab World
Banipal Book Club hosts three 30 minute story-telling circles, each with a different story from a different Arab country.

The Curious Penpal
Want to make new friends? Then drop by designer Marwan Kaabour’s Curious Penpal booth.

Calling the Future
In light of the role of mobile phones in Arab Spring events, students from the Royal College of Art’s Platform 17 explore how we will look back at mobile communication in 100 years.


Director Q&A followed by the screening of ‘The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni’ by Rania Stephan (supported by the Sharjah Art Foundation)
Screening preceded by Q&A with Director Rania Stephan and FACT Curator Omar Kholeif.

Bidoun presents Iranian-American B Movies
Bidoun Projects presents rare films from the little-known genre of Iranian-American ‘B Movies’.

Top Goon: Diaries of a Little Dictator by MasasitMati
Created by a collective of Syrian artists, ‘Top Goon’ is the taboo-smashing satirical puppet show with a black comedy take on the Assad regime.

Screening of ‘The Lost Film’ by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige (42 mins)
When a copy of their first feature film disappeared in Yemen, Joana and Khalil embarked on a journey to track down the lost reel.


Curator led tour of the exhibition ‘Light from the Middle East: New Photography’
With V&A Curator Marta Weiss.