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Today’s Six Pillars – Satellite Jamming In Iran

sm satellite jam coverSatellite Jamming in Iran: A War Over Airwaves

On 20th November 2012 at the House of Commons the Foreign Policy Centre, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Iran and Small Media launched and discussed the key findings in Small Media’s new report “Satellite Jamming in Iran: A War Over Airwaves“. Satellite jamming is a problematic reality in Iran because satellite television, unlike the internet, provides one of the few access points to information and entertainment for Iranians that is not regulated by the authorities. For the Iranian government however, these channels are ‘proof’ of the West’s engagement in a soft war against their rule. Satellite jamming is a key point of contention, not only between Iran and international broadcasting authorities, but also within Iran’s ruling establishment. The event aimed to come up with a valuable series of recommendations and on today’s show, 13.30 GMT we talk to Mahmood Enayat, the Founder of Small Media about the report and Small Media’s findings.

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