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Today’s Six Pillars Show: London’s 1st Palestinian Gallery


A film poster by Gaza-based Tarzan and Arab

Tonight 7.30-8pm on Resonance 104.4FM

The P21 in central London hosts its inaugural show: Refractions: Moving Images on Palestine featuring seminal Palestinian artist Leila Shawa and the  highly political London duo Kennardphillips.

Set up to promote modern Arab art and culture with special focus on Palestine, the gallery holds an impressive space behind Euston Station. We talked to featured artist Inzajeano Latif about the space, the meanings behind some of the pieces in the show and his own work. Until 16th March 2013, Refractions attempts to look as how, like light, the Palestinian spirit can bend around obstacles to reach us.

Inzajeano LatifMaha Al-Ghurba Series

Inzajeano Latif
Al-Ghurba Series

Curator: Shaheen Merali

Artists: Mohammad Al-Hawajri, Kamal Aljafari, Tayseer Barakat, Mike Hoolboom, Khaled Hourani, Khaled Jarrar, Josh Jones, kennardphillips, Inzajeano Latif, Manal Mahamid, Laila Shawa, Nasser Soumi, Tarzan and Arab