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P21 Palestinian Gallery, London – Today’s Six Pillars to Persia Show


Kennardphillips ‘Palestine’

1.30-2pm we speak to artist Inzajeano Latif as we move about the new gallery P21’s inaugural exhibition Refraction: Moving Image on Palestine.


Laila Shawa, Stamp for a Lost Country

Curator Shaheen Merali brings together film, poster, sculpture, painting


Volleyball (2012) Concrete series made from the Gaza Wall, Ramallah based performance artist Khaled Jarrar

and more in this group show by artists both inside and outside of Palestine including crown jewels Leila Shawa and kennardphillips. While Israel has its own Arab gallery, Umm el-Fahem, you’d be hard pushed to find more than a temporary show for Palestinian art around global art capitals, let alone a dedicated gallery such as P21 in London.

Listen in London on 104.4FM on your radio dial, otherwise.