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Today’s Six Pillars to Persia: ‘Shooting the Cloud’ Nadim Karam

Nadim Karam, Ayyam Gallery London 2013, Courtesy the artist and gallery

On today’s show an in-depth interview with Lebanese sculptor, painter and architect Nadim Karam. Ayyam Gallery, who host this solo show, also get a word in about this inaugural exhibition by Karam, an artist whose work you have likely seen here in London, as it occupies an outdoor space by Notting Hill tube entrance. But how does his work fair indoors? The visual language and forms that Karam has developed over the years play with public space, motion, mirrored light and colour both within and without the work. This current London solo show Shooting the Cloud unusually for him, features mostly paintings, the ideas behind which Karam explains eruditely in this interview. The exhibition launches a new gallery for Middle Eastern art here in London, The Ayyam Gallery in New Bond Street is part of a series of galleries run by cousins Khaled and Hisham Samawi who began Ayyam in Damascus, Syria where there was no contemporary art scene at the time. Next stop for Ayyam: Jeddah, Saudi!

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