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Bboys in Iran

The ever-rising trend of breaking in Tehran (often called professional aerobics over there). Several documentaries have been made about this and although you don’t often hear the participants speak about what it means to them, in this video the appreciative noises by the crowd tell all. Below that, an amateur video of one mans’ trip back to Iran to take part in, and support the scene in 2012, which even contains shots of body popping, rap freestyling and robotics skills as displayed by Bboys. The scene, it is explained goes back to the days of Micheal Jackson, inspiring popping and waves by adults when today’s BBoys were just children. The film maker goes to the Department of Physical Education to talk to the Chief of Iranian Professional Aerobics who made breaking an officially recognised sport in Iran, allowing them to teach, for which a licence is needed, and so to earn from it.