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# 1billionrising – Iran, Yemen, Saudi

Soon over the whole world, a day of women’s action will occur to reclaim 14th February back from profit-driven consumer merchandising, and help end inequalities for women the world over.

While Turkey has around 40 events planned on the day (see their Facebook page), including demonstrations, group activities and other public displays of solidarity, Iran has one (according to the official One Billion Rising site):

One Billion Rising Tehran

9:00 PM GMT+03:30
Theatre Exit (Tehran, Tehran)

Importantly there is an event in Saudi Arabia, but none in Yemen, both countries which came amongst the world’s lowest in Middle Eastern countries in the Gender Empowerment Measure, by the UN Development Programme:

Woman’s Rights Flash Mob, SAudi

2:00 PM (GMT+03:00)
Kings Road (Dhahran, Eastern Province, Saudi)
I don’t know of any country that needs this more than my home: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Women here have amost NO rights, and it needs to change! Join me on February 14, 2013 and help make a difference!

Finally, check this video of women in Egpyt, who tolerate men on the women only compartments even though they frequently abude the women on the train carriage. On this day one woman said ‘no’ and let the guys know they weren’t all behaving decently so they all had to get off, delaying the train until the guards came to enforce the social norms.