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Tonight’s Six Pillars Show – Praed at Parasol

Shezad Dawood's Dream Machine Project, Parasol unit installation

Shezad Dawood’s Dream Machine Project, Parasol unit installation

7.30pm tonight on Six Pillars a very special broadcast for you, we present Parasolstice one of a series of events at Parasol Unit, London for which two musicians form Lebanon and two from France to perform live in front of artist Shezad Dawood’s immersive, sculptural light piece the ‘New Dream Machine Project’, installed outdoors at the Parasol Unit in Hackney.
The musicians played as an ensemble called Praed, Formed in 2006 by Swiss musician Paed Conca and Lebanese artist/musician Raed Yassin, the Praed duo experiments with a complex and vast terrain of sonic/musical influences and geographies. Collaborating with Praed were Paris-based soprano and sax player Stephane Rives and electric guitar player Sharif Sehnaoui.

Praed Around the New Dream Machine at Parasol Unit

Praed Around the New Dream Machine at Parasol Unit

The ‘New Dream Machine Project’ is part of an evolving body of work that explores the relationship between Beat culture and Middle-Eastern artistic traditions, and their legacy today. Dawood’s ‘New Dream Machine Project’, a 3-metre-tall spinning steel sculpture, is a reworking of the original ‘Dream Machine’ created in 1959 by artist Brion Gysin and scientist Ian Sommerville. Best experienced close-up with eyes closed, participants feel “an increasingly bright and complex pattern of colour as the pierced steel cylinder spins around tubes of variously coloured light.”

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