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Nevruz Tomorrow – Turkish New Year in London

Nevruz is the Turkish equivalent of the ancient Persian festival of Norooz. The Turkish festival will be marked with a Spring spectacular at WestmiTurkish Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourismnster Central Hall on 27 March 2013 with over 100 musicians and dancers from 13 different Turkic nations gathering in London for an epic, collaborative concert of Nevruz.  A family event with music, song, dance and astounding costumes from all over Central Asia/Middle East, it is presented by TURKSOY, the international organisation promoting Turkic culture new and old, now celebrating its 20th anniversary.


From the Mediterranean to the Siberian Sea, many countries and communities celebrate Nevruz (New Year or Spring Festival). According to the old Persian calendar, it’s the first day of the year and regarded as the start of spring, when the sun enters the house of Aries. Nevruz performers will represent the countries of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Altai (RF), Republic of Bashkortostan (RF),  Gagauzia (Republic of Moldova), Khakassia (RF), Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Sakha – Yakut (RF), Tyva (RF) and Crimea (Ukraine).

The concert organisers write: “Be captivated by a colourful and dynamic show with over 100 dancers, singers, musicians and magnificent costumes from all over Central Asia and experience the magic and fire of Nevruz. Be enchanted by princesses in glittering dresses of bygone days, feel the energy of massed percussionists in perfect rhythm, dream with the magic of the haunting ney flute and kemence fiddle, and see scores of traditional dances from Cossak-style high kicks and courtly serenades to raucous folk dances.”

Nevruz Spring Celebration at Westminster Central Hall on 27 March 2013