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A Human Guide to the World

tumblr_m8l774j23G1rcsajno1_500Names, stories, phone numbers and hand-drawn maps. Iranian artist Nabil Sabio Azadi creates this lovely hand-bound book from recycled rabbit fur, Tasmanian oak and steel bolts but it is the content that is really fantastic. Anyone who has been travelling for a year or more will understand what this book is about, and for those who haven’t there’s the opportunity to buy it and visit the people listed, following Azadi’s footsteps.

Azadi, who is from New Zealand but lives in Brisbane, Australia is only 21, yet has already spent 5 years working and travelling to places such as London, Australia, Italy, Iran, Paris, New York and it is the recollections and 27 contacts from these journeys that make the contents of this book. His parents left Iran 30 years ago at the time of the overthrow of the Shah

My parents are from Iran and left their country when it was on the brink of revolution thirty years ago. They travelled to Venezuela then later to New Zealand where I was born and raised. Restlessness has been a family tradition for awhile Iran-Spreadnow”.

The book is essentially an artwork, written in English and comes as a limited edition of 200, 100% of the proceeds go to Nouvelle Planète to fund the construction of five footbridges in rural villages near Ambano, Madagascar, and provide safe passage to work and education for the locals.

A directory of kind people who will act as ports-of-call to travellers passing through their region and bearing this guide” The Iran section, pictured states, is a human, personal guide to Iran from people lwithin as opposed to the fly-by travel writer.

Iran Section of For You the Traveller

Iran Section of For You the Traveller

Over the four or five years that I spent travelling abroad and working in different cities –– I experienced a profound sense of loneliness. Not just because of the size of these cities, but because it was so difficult for a young person to find any sense of mentorship.” After having spent 6 years travelling ourselves, we can relate to this, and are glad to see that this book should put paid to that problem then! Check Nabil’s travel photos HERE