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Ireland’s Norooz Art Exhibition

noroozWell, we don’t often get to hear about art in Ireland, North or South, so we were delighted that Dublin’s grand City Hall recently hosted a large array of art and craft works to mark Norooz, Persian new year. Artists in March’s show were from 5 countries Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan, plus the diaspora (including Ireland) and artists from other countries whose work was inspired by Persian heritage.

When we were living in Dublin the Irish team were playing away in Iran and the papers were full of page spreads showing happy Irish and Iranian families standing side by side holding up their football regalia. The text constantly found similarities between the two cultures, family values and a strong spirit being the reoccurring ones. In this video the Irish are exposed to another aspect of Middle Eastern culture, and the exhibition and the haftseen table are explained to camera with a particular insight into Azerbaijani Norooz traditions from a man in a traditional costume which he manages to pull off. Further Dublin Norooz videos include this really odd one of Afghani men dancing on this year’s Norooz, but overlayed with heavy metal music!