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Iranian Classical Kicks Off

artworks-000028440384-13iufw-cropSan Francisco-based composer and pianist Sahba Aminikia has been busy writing for the amazing Kronos Quartet as a follow up to his last album release Miniatures. Aminikia’s writing style is purportedly uniquely Iranian yet broader, and very much his own. This month he’s hosting a night of voice, sound and melodies Echoes of Tehran, in San Francisco featuring a generous mix of Iranian and other performers sampled in the video at the end of this post. It’s not often we wish we lived in USA!  Aminikia was born in Iran and studied in Russia under Boris I. Tishchenko, himself a student of Shostakovich. Aminikia’s latest work Tar o Pood for string quartet, which contains field recordings of the songs sung by carpet weavers in Iran, is the Kronos Quartet commission discussed by David Harrington below, due for performance in October 2013. More on Echoes of Tehran soon…