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Star Wars Parody

The Sweden-based sisters-brother trio who are Abjeez have had a hit with this Star Pars parody. We’re loving the switched on references to popular TV culture. It’s not just international, it’s universal. 

 Abjeez is slang for sister in Persian. They are Safoura and Melody Safavi, along with their sound engineer brother Sufi perform and record with Johan (Javan) Moberg, Erland (Ardalan) Hoffgard, Robin (Ramin) Cochrane and Paulo (Pahlevan) Murga. We’re wondering which of these plays Chewie in this video. Abjeez are one of a young generation of Iranian bands for whom contemporary music is an essential part of their everyday lives, it’s natural and it’s essential – see them playing live below. For Abjeez, who have been going since 2006 and can now fill stadiums the world over, music is a means to convey social messages either via the lyrics or the dedications on stage they make others aware, motivating them to make positive changes in their lives. Go Abjeez!