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The Voice of Hani Niroo

artworks-000027690032-41zjub-crop“I believe sound and music is nothing but imagination and dream, a realm of vivid visions and colorful thoughts.

“Good Night” is a collection of shortartworks-000041921097-lqbxke-cropscripts, usually read in two voices. Based upon classical and minimal western forms and foundations, the music is generally composed for non-acoustic instruments.”

Creative music graduate Hani holds a gentle strength with her voice and the seemingly simple instrumentation. The vocal layering and plodding pace are the key to her sound though here, as well as the waver in her voice that reminds  us of more traditional Iranian vocals.Hani has penned these songs herself and there’s a real gravitas to her work, not even an inkling of wannabe star, so refreshing to find a real one!

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