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New Podcast – I Call My Brothers

I Call My Brothers

I Call My Brothers

The Swedish language play I Call My Brothers ran as a guest performance at the Arcola theatre tent this April in London. Directed by Iranian Farnaz Arbabi, starring two Iranian actors and with the writer Jonas Hassen Khemiri himself of Tunisian origin the play is very much a representation of what it is to be a foreigner today in Sweden in the wake of recent failed terrorist activities.

A sparse set and a small cast, the play ran for three nights without a director (due to illness), yet the only hiccups seemed to be volume levels with certain sound clips and the surtitling with some words off the screen. Yet incomplete sentences were more than made up for in the passionate writing and the delivery which made one forget even that the actors were not speaking English. It was a rare chance to glimpse into a parallel universe, different but the same.

In this podcast we speak to the play-write Khemiri, who insists he is more of a novelist and three of the main cast: Davood Tafvizian who plays lead character Amour, Pablo Leiva Wenger who plays his best friend Shavi, and Angelica Radvoldt who plays Amour’s friend and love interest.