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‘The Knife’ Arrows of Love

Nima Tehranchi, performing for Six Pillars charity event, 2009

Nima Tehranchi, performing for Six Pillars charity event, 2009

For those who attended the live performance of Nima Tehranchi at our Six Pillars charity event in London 2009, you might remember his sturdy yet secretive voice, his love of dynamics and his strong features as he articulated words of a personal and global socio-political nature.

Tehranchi was formerly in Hush the Many Heed the Few, a festival circuit, near cult-status band after the end of which he developed two projects: a solo act Sliding Rule and the heavy cross-rock band Arrows of Love. This song The Knife originally sung by Hush the Many is released next month as an Arrows of Love single. Along with it comes this new video etching images onto the eye where once the voice and music was enough.

Released June 3rd on Urban Fox Records as a Ltd Edition 7″ vinyl it can be bought on  Listen to the B-side here. The video directed by Katia Ganfield was written and produced by Arrows of Love, and co-produced and engineered by Patrick Constable, Rory Attwell, Richard Warren and Tim Cedar.