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Artist’s Focus – Andrew Khosravani


Murals by Khosravani

We first interviewed Andrew Khosravani when he had not yet begun his final year at university.  It’s interesting now to see how his work has developed and might develop, since his inclusion in a group show with very different and both established and emerging artists and designers who also have Iranian roots but live in the UK.

While Khosravani’s illustrations have been markedly colourful, even to the point of psychedelic, we sleected works for the show that were more of a binary in colour and some of which involved intense study of himself as a figure on film, which he then recreated frame by frame in the pen drawing, as if spying on himself from behind and cataloging every more.

This includes the only colour photograph he has ever taken recreated as a black and white print, of his friend in jeans wearing the head and hands of a life size alien prawn, seated casually on a table staring straight out at the viewer. Also as someone who usually draws very large scale, it proved a surprise for people who knew his work well to see the small black and white pen drawings of fish entwined in an endless cycle and the endearing “Father and Son Activities” where two figures wear their dreams on their shorts as they draw them out on walls, much as Khosravani has done in the image above. Being the only male in the show, his work tends to pull together elements that have led the curation, a sense of physical displacement or malaise, observation and perception, and the idea of water being, just as ink is for art, at the stem our own origins. The exhibition New Players, New Roles continues at Hundred Years Gallery until Sunday June 16th, 2013

Andrew Khosravani Junior's Place, linocut print

Andrew Khosravani Junior’s Place, linocut prints on sale in the exhibition