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National Geographic Traveller Contest 2013

Below are some of the entries from or taken in Iran. Our favourite is the first Last Drop of Life

Photo and caption by Hojjatollah Estiri

Photo and caption by Hojjatollah Estiri

“During my trip to the north of Iran, in the green lands and mountains, I found a dried lake where I discovered a couple of fish who had died next to each other. I found it highly inspiring and romantic.” Location: Lakan, Gilan, Iran

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Photo and caption by Gita Shirazi
Little Boy Holding his Goat
Garband, Bandar Abbas, Iran


Photo and caption by Kaveh Ghahremany
A man posing for his friend to take his picture from train’s window. Azerbaijan, Iran


Photo and caption by Guido Dingemans, ranian shi’a muslim men, in trance and covered in mud, mourning during the Day of Ashura, on which shi’a muslims commemorate the martyrdom of Husayn, grandson of Muhammad, and third shi’a imam. Bijar, Iran (2012).

Photo and caption by Kaveh Ghahremany

Photo and caption by Kaveh Ghahremany, Looking down to Tehran from Alborz mountains.