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Blocking Iran

dezeen_iranian_living_room_fabrica_paypal_4Everyone’s still raving about the publication “Iranian Living Room” a recent book full of lush photos of interiors, depicting Iranians as ordinary people living in modern times (shock, amazement!). Yet the unjustified sanction action by Paypal exacted on the book is still an issue for many Iranians in UK and elsewhere, and while Paypal have apologised (‘though the book’s publishers must be loving the publicity) many foreign students, harmless businesses, personal accounts and small scale efforts at retail are being blocked by UK and US companies for no reason other than a name, a word – anything that rings alarm bells for nervous business types who feel the breath of sanction law enforcers on their shoulders.


Italian coverage of the book

It’s very telling how central bank control is over money flow. You have no right to international transactions unless the bank says you do. It’s not really, your money, although banks were set up by the people for the people, to prevent life savings, which would previously have been stuffed under a mattress from going up in smoke in frequent house fires – here’s an idiot’s guide to how banking came into being. Meanwhile Iranian students abroad tell us “I called several times, being transferred from one department to another. Finally went into my branch where the manager looked at my account and said that there was a restriction that “someone in a higher position” had put on it and they cannot do anything about it, but sent in a request. After about a week I gained access to my account again, without any explanations.”

Paypal said in response to the media frenzy over the block “Our efforts include adhering to specific government sanctions involving designated countries. However, these sanctions were never intended to apply to books or written materials.” Meanwhile back in Iran, while Obama and his gang squabble over even further sanctions on the already beleaguered populace, people tell us they are too exhausted and poor to even go out in a country where rice is six times the normal price and yet the rich enjoy a ridiculously favourable and exclusive exchange rate, even receiving bespoke sports cars made specifically for Iran by freight. This is no way to embolden a youth ready to demand democracy, what do USA and UK think they are doing? Breeding a new kind of permissible financial corruption and public apathy seems to be the West’s best export, then.

Iranian Living Room

Iranian Living Room