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Iran Graffiti Tour, Solo

Tajassom is a graffiti artist from the Middle East, who began work in about 2005. A media savvy guy, who can speak several languages at least at a basic level, his tag name in Persian imaginative things or to be inspired.

Here’s his bio in his own words: “If he’s not painting the streets, he’s busy poshing up his studio called “Mench Studio”. “Mench is the Iranian name for the game “Ludo”/”Parcheesi”. (Does he mean the Bavarin king or the board game?)

The main inspiration for Tajassom to start with StreetArt and Graffiti was the mere intention to make people smile and allow them to escape their everyday gloomy life for at least an instant. His desire is to inspire on people to momentarily forget all the lies and bad things in the world and remind them to smile. His pictures are mostly playful and make the observer chuckle. It is obvious that he wants to encourage people to think, and thus find themselves.

This video below is Tajassom’s trip around the whole of IRAN with a focus on graffiti – Part 1 – Shiraz

The idea of the program “TII” came in September 2012 and it took just two months to finalise program details, costs and aims.
He had a strong technical team including a cinematographer, logistics planner, transport team, graffiti writer and…then the team fell through. So in the end he decided to manage this program alone and tackle all ensuing problems and difficulties like a real explorer, but armed with spray cans…

Tajassom in Shiraz from Tajassom


Tabriz - تبریز 1313 ‪#‎Mench‬ Studio - لوزی بازی Persian Graffiti by Tajassom

Tabriz – تبریز
‪#‎Mench‬ Studio – لوزی بازی
Persian Graffiti by Tajassom

“TII” (Tajassom in Iran) was supported by “Mench Studio”

Tajassom had three main goals. To:
1. Travel to different places, introduces graffiti and eventually spread garffiti appreciation in Iran.
2. Meet new friends, strengthen friendships and foster new, young talent so that they might continue their activities.
3. Review and Classify graffiti in Iran.

Tajassom reports:
In March 2013, the program was successfully completed about 85 percent of what I wanted it to have achieved. During this journey we used approximately 85 Spray Paint cans, resulting in 5 large graffitis in 5 different cities and approximately 40 throw ups; we also stuck approximately 150 stickers in these different cities.
The trip was interesting, I met old and new friends and spent time with their friends that do graffiti in Shiraz. The Rasht team was young and active but in Ahwaz as the condition of city was ripe for graffiti, I had expected more. Problems came up in Abadan and so the work was unfinished. (there wasn’t any photography of it); and regarding Tehran I must say, unfortunately streets was clean of any piece or throw up and is totally a joke, unlike of last year when it was in great shape graffiti-wise.”

With this kind of methodical approach we can expect great things from Iran in terms of graffiti culture, as least from Mench studio. Watch this space, it’s about to get sprayed!