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Currently Listening to… Tee ‘Ski ‘n Shab Ruffcut ‘Iran (His Majesty Andre is Very Lazy Remix)’

Ski and Ruffcut EP cover

Ski and Ruffcut EP cover

ESP, the Italy based label, released this slightly left of centre track Iran (His Majesty Andre Is Very Lazy Remix), a Tee ‘Ski and Shab Ruffcut collaboration in 2009. While there are certainly samples of Iranian strings in there, we’re not sure of the balance the duo have worked out between them when they collaborate – Trevor Loveys and newcomer Shab Ruffcut –  who’s doing what? Jack da Ripper a similarly tech-house, high speed, relentless sample-based dance track for urbanites with tensions to dance off, is however again testimony to the chemistry between them in the studio.

So what story led ‘newcomer’ Shab into the heavyweight producer’s studio? Being a tour photographer for acts like The Basement Jaxx, The Prodigy and The Groove Amarda, is how the two met.

And Shab’s most recent release? 2013 saw Shab appearing on From Top to Bottom vol 1, with his collaboration Puma with Screwface Johnson, a release that came out as a Aniki, Raziek, Jay Robinson, Breakfastklub, Cujo, Heartache, Shab Ruffcut, Big Dope P, Zombie Disco Squad, Tom Deluxx, Don Diablo, Screwface Johnson, Oliver $ - From Top To Bottom Vol. 1single in 2010, and which you can still buy  as a single on Amazon, click the image below. Other worthy listens are this sub-wub Twist (Bill Eff Remix) , and the gunfire dubstep (although slightly unimaginative) track Hustler – Audio Sleaze Remix on UK’s Dandy Kid Records by M.Bere and H.Frampon, although none match the originality of Shab’s work with Tee ‘Ski.