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Currently Listening To….Ivy Covered Sky

1079018_165034147014140_535423750_oSinging electronica that oscillates between ambient and break beat, Saasaan Sattarzadeh’s solo project – Ivy Covered Sky – is based in Tehran, Iran where he’s been performing and recording a short eponymous EP.  Saasaan captures the sound of many of the musicians we’ve been enjoying on Six Pillars to Persia radio show this part year – wide, polyphonous music that describes open horizons as much as it does the dream state. Or perhaps, more accurately, the state in between waking and dreams. What kind of sky or coppola after all, is covered in Ivy?

More recently however, his sound has taken another direction, with Shutdown Please. Leaving behind the gentle brushing of guitar strings the sound instead embraces more sampling – even of a political nature – programmed jungle-speed beats and the kind of drive that sounds like it’s fuelled by the need to communicate the complication of experience, while at the same time offer an opportunity to shake it off in the dance.